Class AndroidState




application: AndroidApplication = ...
bandwidthTotalBytesB: string = '0'
bandwidthTotalTimeMS: string = '0'
challenge?: Record<string, any>

It is the response when you purposefully requested the challenge data from the url provided by checkpoint

challengePath?: string
checkpoint?: Record<string, any>

It is the response when you requested something useful but got response with checkpoint error

clientSessionIdLifetime: number = ...
cookies: Cookies
device: AndroidDevice = ...
navChain?: string
pigeonSessionIdLifetime: number = ...
proxyUrl?: string
session: AndroidSession = ...
trustedNotificationPollingNonce?: string
twoFactorIdentifier?: string
twoFactorUsername?: string

Used for 2FA


  • get clientSessionId(): string
  • The current application session ID.

    This is a temporary ID which changes in the official app every time the user closes and re-opens the Instagram application or switches account.

    We will update it once an hour

    Returns string

  • get pigeonSessionId(): string
  • Returns string

  • get userAgent(): string
  • Returns string


  • Parameters

    • seed: string
    • lifetime: number

    Returns string

  • Parameters

    • identifier: string
    • Optional username: string
    • Optional trustedNotificationPollingNonce: null | string

    Returns void